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#1GAM Secondary Goals

One Game a Month is rather an ambitious goal all by itself, and I doubt that I will need any additional challenges to make it interesting. However, to get the most out of the endeavour, I have decided to create and maintain a list of secondary goals I may try to fulfil on the way, such as genres I would like to explore, functionality I would like to implement and tools I would like to learn.



  • Save function
  • Replay function
  • Endless game
  • Crafting/mixing/upgrading system
  • Procedurally generated content


  • Roguelike
  • Puzzle game (prismatic-zealotry)
  • FPS
  • Metroidvania-style platformer
  • Danmaku shooter
  • Side-scrolling rhythm fighter
  • Card game
  • Stealth game
  • Turn-based platformer


  • Time as space (clockwork-clusterfuck)
  • Limited resources
  • Reverse unlockables
  • Colours (prismatic-zealotry)
  • Poetry


  • Pygame
  • Ren’Py
  • Inform7
  • Browser-based game
  • LAN Multiplayer
  • Asynchronous multiplayer
  • Touch devices
  • Unity3D? (Maybe not this year)

Vague ideas

  • Cellular automata
  • Glitches part of gameplay
  • Squidi’s Three Hundred
  • Absurdly long title
  • Strange or unpredictable physics
  • Blurred line between the game world and GUI
  • Polar coordinates
  • Infinite Tetris
  • Randomness