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Oblong Conglomerate: Maps

Spent some time drawing tile sets and designing prototype maps for this month’s project, The Quest for the Oblong Conglomerate. So far, I’ve got a town exterior and three wilderness/cave maps.

Stage 1 - Actual size

Yes, those are 4×4 pixel tiles. Suffice to say, aesthetics are not among my top priorities for this project. Still, I think they look decent enough for now, with the possible exception of the town.


Of course, I expect to have to tweak the maps a bit once they’re in the actual game—I can’t even vouch for their playability at this point.

Stage 3Stage 2

As prototypes go, they will suffice for now. This leaves the town interior, but I’ll do that later. I haven’t even figured out what purpose the town will serve, yet.

I’m using Grafx2 for the tilesets and Tiled to turn them into maps.